Projects & Client Results

EMF Motor.

EMF Motor a young and fast growing company in the business of Electrical motors. Thanks to its radical innovative motor physics, EMF is producing world’s most efficient torque motors. Shifting towards to carbon strained economy, of course, EMF attracts clients all over the world especially from Machinery and Elevator industries.

The nature of Machinery and Elevator industries are quite contradictory. Lift industry is mostly dominated by standard products where the price competition is upmost important. Whereas Machinery industry is less price sensitive but focused on customization and high performance. Thus, EMF is required to run a volume based production and tailored based production simultaneously which is not so easy to manage for a young enterprise with steady high growth.

INNOPPIA helps EMF to develop business process and optimize them to cope up with this two contradictory production environment (volume vs. tailored) and models (push vs. pull) . The implementation of an MRP and ERP running under these in nature conflicting production models is not an easy task as well. We help our client from modelling of new business process to the automation and implementation phase. The development of ERP is runned by their internal team, however INNOPPIA ensures the automation quality with its Project Management and Enterprise Architecture services.